Thursday, October 22, 2015

My mom

I called my mom when I left Freya at daycare today. :)
So we went to have fika at Fröken Brogrens.
It's way nicer now cause they switched owners :D hah.

We sat there for almost two hours.

And I came home to a cleeeaaan house with clean floors ^_^ Sweet!
Aaaah.....  Such a refreshing feeling. And later Frost cleaned the entire kitchen too while I slept a little. ♡.♡  (He also cleaned away my fruit plate...which had fruits on it. So now they don't have a plate anymore lol) But its mega-clean never the less. Woooo~

Needless to say, I've been a little sickly today. ( the last few days actually) My tummy ain't that awesome, my head hurts and eyes too.... And I feel like dying after walking a few stairs too.. .. I got to the second floor in my sisters house and felt like dying. And then I definitely thought for sure I'd die when I was on the third one lol

And while I was waking down the stairs Mom held Freya for me. Thank God for that cause I almost fell down the stairs. Like for real's.  I stepped right out in the air and the entire house heard a shriek going AAAARGHH!! (Hitchcock style) Yep... I got real scared there for a second. Or two.

If I'd been holding the doodlebaby I would've dropped her.

So today we're thankful for Freya's grandma being there the exact right moment ♡

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