Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Picked up my sweet little princess earlier today at the daycare. She's doing so well :) She's a simple girl who's easily amused. Great appetite 😁  lol They've only got good things to say about her haha Well she's a one year old, what bad can someone say about such a small child anyway right? ♡♡♡
October 22 2014
She took a wee nap just now but she's already up and running.

I knew, from the first time I felt her kick in my stomach that we would have a wild happy girl. One who uses her legs a lot haha  And I was so right:)

She's a wild and happy one. Climbs everything, touches everything, laughs out loud everyday and smiles all the time ♡ I will spend the rest of my life making sure she keeps on smiling and laughing :)

Dinner is in the making at the moment (started it while she was sleeping) chicken, potatoes and tarragon & white wine gravy. Yum yum!

It's aaaalmost time for dinner! Wheeee~

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