Sunday, October 4, 2015


Ain't too bad to slurp these down when you're hungry...

My tongue and throat has been giving me a lot of trouble lately. It's swollen, got blisters on my tongue, I can hardly swallow, everything (and I mean everything) tastes like shit. I can't taste flavors and all I feel when I eat is eeeeeew. And coca cola is freakin' disgusting right now. Water too. Everything is gross. I even tried ice cream.. I ended up throwing a liter of ice cream away. (don't say I could've saved it)
It's been a rough week to be honest.

No sleep at night. I pop pills like candy during the nights. Θ_Θ
Luckily I get micro naps daily at work. (thumbs up for that) I take like 5-10 minute naps when I get a chance.

It's almost like ita impossible to sleep at night. And everything hurts so much more... This is getting worse and worse and I'm reaching my limit soon....

It comes with the autumn.

Ah, I did however get to taste something. Burger kings sweet chili chicken burger. ♡.♡  Mmmm... First time I could taste something in almost a week. (I swear I could hear an angels choir) And I've also discovered that Freya absolutely loves it as well. Yep.

So yay! I've managed to eat twice this week, sad but true. I even lost weight lol

Anyway. Sunday here I come!
Day off it is too.

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    There's one with chili as well. It's awesome as well!!!


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