Friday, October 2, 2015

Pictures pictures and more pictures

Aaaah... I'm finally home with this doodlepuff. Ad it feels so good :)

Yesterday was a weird day at work. Meh.. let's hope tomorrow is better.
Ah, and my new boss called yesterday (and today too) She seems nice.

And Freya had her first group photo at the kindergarten! :D YaaaaaY!
Such a cutie ♡.♡  She melts my heart, that weasel...

And granny was so kind to take her there. And after that we got to stay and play with granny a while longer. They even had fika at a nice coffee shop around the corner. Freya's very blessed to have such a loving grandmother. I never had a loving one, (the only one who could've loved me died right before I was born so... Yeah)  So I'm really glad my daughter has several loving grandmas ⌒_⌒  She's a lucky doodle. Haha

It always makes me happy to receive photos of FreyFrey when I'm working. It kinda brights up my day then.

Oh, and Frost bought me new Addidas shoes yesterday. Yup. And new long T-shirt. Sweet! ⌒.⌒ Lets see how it feels to walk in those then. Maybe it'll feel better?

Oh and Freya got to okay with Lei Lei a little. She's learning how to pet nicely and such. And LeiLei's such a trooper putting up with it. She got bunches of snuggles from me too ♡ Freya is getting a lot better at being more gentle with her touch. I know it's difficult for small children to control their strength when petting something. :)

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