Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday morning

It's monday again............ And a rainy Monday morning at that.
I'm currently on the bus on my way to work...listening to Black Pyramid - cauldron born. Yep. Some nice old school metal. Frost doesn't really share my interest in metal haha There's only 2 people I know that shares my love for old school metal with me. Kurre has always been the metal-head that likes this stuff with me. And Sofi is the other person :) we went to metal svenskan one year, which was awesome! Got way too drunk, and had way too much fun haha (my point about this is that it's hard to find people to go to heavy metal concerts with lol) I got a little sidetracked.

Today feels like a real autumn day. It's rainy and cold. I like it. What I don't like is that my shoes makes a splashy sound from the inside when I walk. I've got half a litre of water in them now. Probably time to buy new ones.

Ah, I made pancakes on Saturday. Had a brunch with Frost, Freya and my Sister. I made two different flavors. Good job me. My sister defintely seemed to enjoy the original pancakes. lol
What else... Ah. I woke up supersick. Freya has a fever. And Frost was sickly as well. The one who could stay at home was him though, not me.
Well we all have shitty days. I hope he'll feel better. Freya seemed.ok, except for a fever. So I hope she'll get better fast.
Did I mention that Frost has a new job? I'm very happy! Its awesome he got.somethin where he feels at ease. Comfortable around his mates and shit. It's just on call though, and it does get in the way from his regular job at times. But I hope they can work something out together.
Ah, and now I'm listening to ZZ top haha it reminds me of when I used to have parties with my friends when I was younger haha 

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