Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Family first

It'll always be family first for me.

But unfortunately it's hard when I'm still the sole provider of this family (only for now though)
I can't skip anymore days from work. I'm losing quite a bit in salary next month. Gahh...

I've decided to come home after 7 hours of work. Cause I need to take care of Freya and her daddy.

Frost and I came home real late last night from the ER. I'm still sizzling of anger.... that dumbass doctor. The nurses was amazing, but the doc...............retarded.

He suspected that Frost has a bleeding stomach ulcer. :(

That's bad. Buuuuuut the doctor felt that he could send him home with his excruciating pains and wait till next week for a gastroscopy. Cause a bleeding ulcer ain't too bad huh?

God damn it, we're going to be pisspoor next month. But oh well. At least Freya will have shit to eat and diapers and all that. We put our doodle first :D

Bla bla bla... yeah.

We're all ok.

Apart from my man slowly dying from pain that it. But yeah.

All hail the system.

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