Friday, August 5, 2016

Playdates and stuff

So I've started working a little at my regular job again. I worked last night and came home a little while ago.
Tomorrow I'm going back to working 26h shifts. I'll be taking halves of shifts from Diana from time to time to help her out a little. She can't handle 26 h shifts at the moment.

Unfortunately I'll be away from my family more but this is because I just can't stand seeing a mom worry about her little baby like she does. Being away for 26 hours is too long for her, (tbh it's too long for me too but hey...) her child is going to have surgery soon cause his skull stopped growing. A mothers worst fear. I understand her feelings completely. Werther your child is sick or fell down and hurt themselves the pain in your heart is always the same as a parent.

So I'll be working the evening and night shifts instead of her. Most likely on my week off...which sucks. But it's only temporary.

I just need to make sure that the time I spend at home is spent wisely.

Me and Sofi went to a place with our little weasels the other day and that was awesome. It's great to see your kid so happy while playing :D Now that was time spent wisely.

I've also been to the movies with Frost twice this past week.
Also time spent wisely.

I'm also walking way more these days.
I'm a Pokemon Go'er lol
Talking about that, this here....they're ALL pokemon people. It's insane.
I mean, I really enjoy the game but some people take it to whole other levels lmao

But it's fun. And a great way to interact with others.

I met a chick at the park in the middle of the night and we ended up chit chatting about pokemon for quite some time.
I also ended up walking all over town all most with my sister and Ida one night.
Man, did we walk lol And I also won over my first pokemon Gym. Hah. I'm so cool.

I should try to play more often :)

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