Saturday, August 6, 2016

Preacher night

It's a work day today. A 26h shift. it sucks to be away from Freyster and Frost, but they seem to be having a good day. They're watching "Frozen" for the 111th time. :) I miss them though.

And I on the other hand will watch the remaining season of Preacher.

Man, going on the bus to work... that's like my "me time" ya know?
I get to listen to my music and have the volume up real fuckin' high too.
I can sit however the fuck I want as well, since Lei lei's laying right between my legs.
No one usually dare to sit with me when she's there for some reason. (I know the reason)
I also give off very clear signals of "Leave me the fuck alone".
Yet there's always that someone, the idiot that can't read body language and tries soooo hard to make eyecontact and tries to talk to me.
Even though I'm so clearly letting them know that I want to be left alone.

Now, when one strikes up a conversation with me...and is polite about it too.
I simply can't be a dick and tell them to fuck off. Something inside of me tells me that I should be polite back and be nice. I think it's called a consciousness or common sense. But whatever.

Point is, I cherish those alone moments a lot.

I should show you what I look like sometime.

something like this:

This is the hoodie I wear today, and I hide my face in it..
AND sunglasses... AND a cap today too. -_-

It's an obvious posture of "GTFO of my way"

And then when people start chatting with me I'm all like...


What am I missing?
What is causing this?

I'm known to attract a lot of weirdos and people with mental issues...a lot of people that needs
 comfort too. Yet, I only give comfort to those I care about.
Buy still, weirdos flock around me.

My own hubby told me I was the second weirdest person in the world that he'd met.
I ain't gonna mention the number 1, but I am not feeling flattered lol
Let's not forget about the person that stopped me by the stoplights and said I had healing powers in my hands and that I can heal them! That's one of the stranger ones.
I have good encounters too of course. Like the one who said I gave off a very nice fun vibe of energy and that I should keep it up. See, that's nicer. And less crazy.

More nice, less crazy please.

Anyway... I brushed this man off pretty fast this morning.
As soon as he finished his line I plugged in my earplugs and played
ZZ TOP Give me all your lovin' hahaha

I could see the man reaching out and trying to get eye contact yet I was all like
"Oh my, look at that stain right there...I shall stare at this spot on the window for  the entire ride since it's oh so very intriguing" 

I can totally see why people think I'm weird though. Yep.

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