Friday, August 26, 2016


So it's Friday today. I'm at work.
Frost went to work at 6:55 this morning. So I was the one who took Freya to daycare. After that shit kinda went downhill lol 

Couldn't go on the bus, missed the other one cause I didn't bring my debit card, etc etc... Came late to work. Blaaaah...
Frost certainly had a weird fucking day too. Poor bastard. Oh well.
Well Freya and I still had a good morning together today. That's what counts huh?

Oh btw, I managed to read a lot of Voyager today too <3 Iiiiih! 
I'm loving it so far :)

Alsoooo....Tomorrow I'm making American pancakes with Canadian maple syrup for brunch!
My sister is watching Freya while Frost goes to work early tomorrow, so I figured I'd buy all the ingredients on my way home from work tomorrow morning. Yep. I'll stop by the store and then hurry home and make the pancakes (with extra looooooove)
Depending in the "situation", Frost may or may not work tomorrow. We'll see what happens in the morning I guess. Either way, me Freya & Josse are eating paaaaancakes! Yum yum.

Ah I got to Skype with Freyster and Frost earlier. Aaaaw :) I loved seeing their happy faces. I recon they're asleep by now huh? Haha

Welp, me and A are watching the last 2 episodes if Preacher right now. Woop Woop! Gotta love this fucking show ❤
It's brilliant hahahah

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