Friday, August 19, 2016


Tomorrow is Freya's birthday. 

I have a ton of things to do, but I'm paralyzed at the moment.
Lei lei shit all over the god damn kitchen. There was so much poop I had to first scoop it up with a piece of cardboard and then after that, I had to scoop her shit up with A FUCKING SPOON.
Needless to say I'm exhausted and disgusted. I actually started crying cause there was so much shit.
What kind of dog shits all over her own food bowl?! She's never done that before I tell ya.
Meanwhile Frost had his first official work shift. Yay him!
Well, I've gone through some things and there shouldn't be too many people dropping by tomorrow.  There should be a normal amount of peeps. :3
Well, apart from all that... This will be one fucking shitty month ahead of us.
Got the lowest paycheck ever too. (That's what happens when you don't work much lol) Summers are NOT there.
Plus I'm in SO MUCH pain.... Stupid Sweden.
Maybe I need to find another job?

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