Saturday, August 20, 2016

August 20th

Today was a very important day.

Do you know what happened here 2 years ago?

Let me tell you.

Our wonderful baby girl was born <3
Mommy & Daddy loves you more than you'll ever know sweetie.
Your'e our everything :) You seriously make us better people.
Happy birthday Freya-Rose.

She got The Sylvanian family (of Bunnies) from Nathalie, and I got her the squirrel <3
And she got an awesome beautiful mumin cup from Josse, hello kitty memory from Kurre, Fluffy pieces that you can build a castle with, or a tower etc.. from my brother & Anna. A  puzzle, learning laptop, toys, teddy bear and so on.

She had a great day, even though her dad had to work. She still got to spend it with people who cherish her. :)
All the people I like came and celebrated the one I love the most. It's a precious feeling :3

Here's a wee video I made :D


  1. Happy birthday little Freya. may all your dreams and wishes be blessed from above.

    Live life; happy.

    1. Aaaw Thank you Steven, she had a blast! *for some reason my keyborad got fucked up so all the symbols dont work lol, tried to make a turned out like this >( |(

  2. she just might be the cutest little princess ever *^* whoa!

    1. I know right? Min lilla princessa! <3


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