Friday, August 5, 2016

Blah blah

Tomorrow I'll be bringing my laptop with me to work. :D
Aaaaand A will finally get to see me play CoD black ops III

Well for now it's just the PC game, but just wait till I can stream it from the xbox and to my laptop. I'll be able to play with my friends from anywhere then! :)

I do have some close buddies that I like to play with. And I somewhat miss playing with them when I'm at work.

Oh and Frost's due date (the date when he starts working) is getting closer and closer. I'm more nervous than him lol Cause I always panic when I have a new job. Shit's about to change around here.
No matter what though, I'll always have his back <3

So, I ordered a few wall (and floor) decor thingys...
Freya's room is so much more happy go lucky...Gives out a good feeling now.

I'm still waiting on the "flying to neverland" sticker though..........

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