Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I'm sick!

Sick I tell you!
I feel like shit, probably look like shit too. Not that I give a damn. But it ain't fun working a 27h shift and feeling like crap.
Right now I'm having hot coffee and reading an awesome book ;3 it's a little fever's being a bitch. So the Scottish and garlic is hard to read, everything blends together. The English is just basically a guessing game hahaha I can guess what it says. I'd do excellent as someone with shitty eyesight. Plus I'd look gorgeous in glasses. Unfortunately I have the eyesight of a fucking hawk so no glasses for me.
Well I shouldn't complain.

Oh, I'm so proud of Frost! Like superproud! 
He managed to take the bus to his new workplace. I tried guiding him through the text and he also used to GPS. The reason I'm proud is cause I know how nervous he was and how shitty he was feeling this morning. But he still went :) Good job beeb! 

It sucked to drop off Freya at daycare though...I always miss her so much. She's such a sweetheart. Picking my stuff up, and my phone so I wouldn't forget it at home. She cried when I dropped her off...and it always breaks my heart. My mom is picking her up later today, and she'll stay with her till Frost can pick her up after his other job ends. He's working 15 hours today. Yep.
Rough day.

I have a cold. Pity me please.


  1. Scottish Garlic ?! LOL! Do you mean Scottish Gaelic? Cimar a Tha thú? Apprently it's like old Norwegian... The Vikings ruled Scotland back in the day and that's where garlic comes from, pronounced (gah lick) Irish Gaelic is pronounced ..(gay lick) so.... or maybe you are reading a book about garlic grown in Scotland?! Good luck! ... Feel better soon remember to be kind to yourself!

    1. hahaha gotta love my phones autocorrect! Obviously it's supposed to say Gaelic. -_- haha oh well, I've always been a fan of garlic too of course, it's delicious. So it ain't that bad I suppose hahaha I'm feeling much better now. But apparently I had to feel even worse before I got better. Oh well. I hope all is well with you though :)

    2. You too Joanna. Hope the wee one and Frost are well too.


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