Monday, August 24, 2015


It's Monday, and yet another week has been started.
This will be a very busy work week for me. I have three 25 hours shifts with A, and then 2 evenings at the other place. (simply cause I need to be logical here...I need the money) So yeah... this'll be a rough week.

But what's gonna be the roughest is being away from Freya and Frost.

Got a message earlier saying my baby koala was being very needy and clingy. She wont leave her daddy's chest. <3 Aaws..Poor bebbeh. At least her cold seems to be better :) We snuggled sooooooo much yesterday. I feel like a need to recharge my snugglemeter when I'm home haha

Oh right, here's some of the presents too!
I didn't manage to take a pic of the swing though..,.but I can do that tomorrow :)

All the gifts we're just perfect :)
We're so thankful for them, and Freya loves them. Can't wait till Freya can wear her guardian angel my uncle and his wife gave her.
(And yes...that fluffy unicorn glows...amazing ain't it?) haha

Ah, and I really hope shit works out for Moa and Rama. They're having some difficulties with the residence permit and junk. I hope they can spend their christmas here at least <3
I miss Moa...

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