Friday, August 21, 2015

The spawn of all happiness

Today's my baby wiggleWeasel's first birthday!

It's big day in other words. She turns one year old.
And I've been a mommy for a whole year :)

Sooooooo many people came to see her! I was so surprised. 18 people :)

And I succeeded big time with my cheesecakes. Even the one for Sofia :D

It was  a beautiful day, filled with happy thoughts and friends and family.
18 people came and celebrated her <3

When Frost realized it had gone from 8 people to 18 he silently retired in the other room lol Good thing too, cause Freya's fever got real high so she had to go in with her dad and sleep for a while. I couldn't let her stay up any longer.

My uncle and his wife got Freya such a cute necklace. with a guardian angel on it. All gifts that she got yesterday were awesome and we're so thankful!

My baby girl will always know how loved she is.

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