Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Hello doodles. How ya'll doin' this fine evening?

Ya know... I really like my job.
This how I started it:

I started working fulltime at A's place today. And so far, it's been an awesome day.
Iv'e snoozed a bit... fell asleep like a slob on the couch (and this couch is fucking amazing! It feels so gooooooood...) And all of a sudden the doorbell rings and the home care service is here lol

And I'm all like:

Half dead basically.

But it's been a good day. A is working on an essay, I'm helping a little haha
And I'm eating chili nuts. And ate peasoup earlier. Yum.

It's kinda of a nostalgic feeling to be here too.
But I sure do miss my sweet baby and my awesome sweet man :D

Welp, I'm gonna lay down, chill a little and watch some House now.
me and A just had the bestest most awesome idea ever for her essay intro!!! :D
I'm fucking excellent!

And I'm glad I managed to be of help :)
I came up with an idea of mentioning The Odyssey or Hercules in the intro.
And adding that all heroes has an arch nemesis. Like Sherlock Holmes has Professor Moriarty.
Or Professor Xavier has Magneto. :) 
(they're kind of a good example actually. Cause they used to be besties)
It's perfect. :D Unless your'e an action Hero like Bruce Willis lol
Then anyone's your enemy hahahahah 

I like doing an essays and writing long papers and shit. :)
If it's about something I like anyway.

And A's doing a paper on Heroism.
So we're mentioning all kinds of heroes. :D

And you know me...............


I'm a superhero naaaaoooooow!

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