Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Small idiots

I fucking hate little idiots that I'm playing against online (or with) that's just using such god damn nasty language. Fine, I'm aware that my vocabulary can be a bit rough around the edges sometimes but at least I'm not a sexist asshole talking about pussies and dicks all the time. I don't insult anyone that way. (and dude...if you're gonna insult me...please do it with correct grammar at least you dumbass)

Saying nasty shit about sucking your **** and junk... Like wtf? Now I don't know if he said it to that little girl or my buddies, me or just in general...  Doesn't matter. Cause there's FUCKING KIDS ONLINE! Little girls too. That little girl we played with..    I hope to god she didn't take his sexist shit to heart. I don't care if a little pussy hides behind a screen and say weird shit...but kids might.

Little girls shouldn't have to fucking listen to that. This is why I hate when it says:  Gamergirl. It's sexist. And its ok for me to say it. Cause I'm fucking awesome. I don't even need a gender online. I'm a koala. You don't need to send thousands of messages asking if I'm a girl or if I'm single. I've got an awesome man riiiiight here. I've got THE ONE. So yeah...I'm all good.

But you .. You foulmouthed jackass.. Harass little girls again and I'll fucking report you.
I'll show you what a grown woman can do to you. You'll have fucking nightmares for weeks you little asshole. I'll find out where you live and make Nathalie traumatize you for life. lol

Ok I've got all that out of my system. Maybe time to sleep now huh? Work in the morning and all that junk ya know? Meh...

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