Monday, August 31, 2015

A big day

It's been a big day indeed.

We left Freya at the daycare (kindergarten is more suitable word sometimes) for the first time EVER today. Her teacher felt like she's doing so well so she said we could leave her there for a bit while they had lunch and then made her take a nap. Gosh... We walked away while holding hand, turning around looking at Freya far away. haha It was probably harder on me huh?

Not only that, but we also rode the bike together for the first time.
Wrooom wroom bicycle wrooooom!

She sat in her own little bicycle seat <3  D'aaw. So adorable.
(And yes, she does have a helmet, I just too it off while waiting for Frost) 

So yeah, we've had a big day. I felt sick most of the day too...............which sucked balls really.
But whatever.... I've got work again in the morning. -_- So no time to feel sick here nope.

It's time for mama Jo and Papa to have some alone adult time now. 

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