Friday, August 14, 2015

Good morning Friday!

It's been a sleepy morning in this household.
Even Frost has been drinking coffee today haha

So good morning....

I've got some shit to do today. Mainly taking my family out on an adventure. They don't know where toooooo though...YAY Sneaky me.

Freya's growing up more and more each day...
Makes me wonder where the hell the time went?
She's eating on her own (messy yes..but she gets and A for effort) And she walks!
Well...almost anyway lol She'll take 2 or 3 steps alone :D
And she walks well while holding my hands. Aaaws...

And we have two BIG events this upcoming week:

Monday: Freya's FIRST day at daycare! Omigoooosh....
That's a huge deal here. Cause all kids go to day care here. (It's kinda for free sorta...)
It's a social and growing experience for babies and kids. 
And I got the place I actually wanted her to go to. WOHO!
Right around the corner. :D

And the second event (which happens to be the biggest!!) 
Thursday next Freya's FIRST birthday!
She turns 1 year old. Holy moly...

Man, I'm so excited about her birthday.
And nervous about her first day at daycare.
Obviously we'll be there cause the first time it's only 3 hours.
It's more of a introducing/getting used to it thing...

Who's gonna be more emotional?
Me or Freya? hahah

Tonight I gotta be at A's place around 10pm or something?
It's just for an hour...introduction thingy. Which is good cause tbh, I've already forgotten so many things about the routines there.

Worst morning temper ever hahaha It's kinda fun.
I have a feeling she'll scream a lot at me in the mornings. lalalala

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