Monday, August 3, 2015

work, a birthday & new knitting needles

It's been a very long and rough workweekend. I made cake, and then a superdelicious pear pie (their parents words lol)
I've had fun, as always. But physically it's been hard. I try not to take painkillers so often, but it usually just results in extreme pain instead of just "pain". 
I don't really care though.. as long as I'm capable of doing my job.

The other day something happened and it affected my back, and everyone was expecting me not to come. (it really felt like this person broke my back) But I told them that if I promise that I'll work, I'll be there no matter what, even if my boyfriend has to dress me.

I don't call in sick.

But I did tell them that if I do call in sick because of pain...
it's probably pain so bad that I'll feel like dying -_- I remember that kind of pain...........
Luckily the pain these days are slightly different from the pain I had a few months turned me into an awful person to be around.

So, yesterday after work went home to Stina and Markus place and celebrated their Lea's second birthday. Big squirrel.
They grow up so fast........ we were tired. I looked like shit, I probably smelled bad too.
And we kinda felt like falling asleep lol BUt Frost had been such a good teamplayer and fixed Lea's birthday gifts. It's nice to know that if I  can't do something, he'll be there to do it for me. Woho! Lea liked her stuff.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I got new knitting needles. The round kind with a 60cm wire. YAY.

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