Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey, guess what?

It's work time again hah.

Night shift though. Iiiiih my favorite!

Yea, as soon as I though that, my coworked just came and pooped on it all, telling me about the poopscapedes that's been going on all evening. Aaaand probably will ALL night. Hmm..

And this is me right at this moment:

But oh well... shit happens. lol hahahaah  I didn't even mean for that to happen. *badomtiish!* Anyway. House M.D now.

 I know I certainly wont be bored, that's for sure.
 Plus I've got plenty to that's nice. Even got a meatloaf I forgot in the freezer somewhere. Neat!

Frost & Freya actually walked me to the bus stop this evening to wave bye bye. haha Aaaws...My sweethearts. They're nice family. I'mma keep them forever.

Oh, and last night I hung out with Nathalie after work. Played some CoD AW with the new controller and headsets. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. It was pretty fucking cool.

Unfortunatelly I seem to have attracted a weird stalker -_-
Welp, if it continues Frost will help me block him. Cause I'm not sure how to do it myself hahahaha Bet it's just going to their profile or something?

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