Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Tbh, I'm a little sleepy at the moment. But just a little.

I've had a good day :) I worked 3 hours this morning (omg 3 whole hours........)  BUT I just so happen to be working the night shift tonight as well. Aaaand tomorrow night too. YAY ME. (still a lil' sleepy though..)

Man, it was raining like crazy this morning when I went to work.
I sat down and knitted a piece while waiting for the bus. (Oddly some people stared at me in a weird way..)
It was kinda nice hearing the pouring rain then. I usually like rain.

But then again, I had to throw my knitted coat, shoes and socks in the dryer as soon as I got to work. Thank god they have one of those super modern ones that makes shit dry in no time :D

And I also happened to get pink lilies from Frost (thank you honey) AND the new case for the xbox one OMG. Look at how awesomely fabulous and rad my controller is.
Anyone noticing the control freak? Hmm? Well whatever, it's supercool anyway.

Plus, my earings finally came. woho. Been waiting ages for these ones :D
I like 'em.

I guess I'll snuggle my family a bit now before my sister picks me up and drives me to work :)

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