Saturday, August 29, 2015

Aaaand we're back

Man, I've seen a lot of chickens today.
I like hens and roosters. They're so cute ^_^
A almost cried when I said that...she did not agree with me haha

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and I've eaten SO much today. Jeez...
BBQ, Bearnaise sauce, potatoes, and then pie, cake, bla bla blaaa....
I managed to not overeat though.

But unfortunately I'm hungry now instead haha

And I sure did miss my sweet family. We text all the time though :)
As much as possible, and as soon as I have time. That makes things a little easier...
Apparently Freya took a 6 step walk today.

And I missed it. Again.
The first pic is a nice photo I took yesterday of the doodleFrey, and the last pic is something Frost sent me while I was in Vingåker. D'aaw...

10 hours left of work. Then I GET TO GO HOME AND REST!
My ear is hurting so bad, it's swollen and aching........same with my face and my ribs. If I didn't know any better, one might assume that  I'd been beaten up haha

Though the pain is actually the same as from a beating, I can tell you that.

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