Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yesterday's fun

So yesterday was Freya's first day at daycare. She did great! And the employees there was brilliant too! Oh, I just have a good feeling about this place. The place the child in the center and work around the child's needs. So, therefore I have told them that I'd prefer if they avoided gluten with her since she seems to get constipated by it sometimes. (It's too early to say if she'd be allergic but why push it if we can avoid tummy aches and constipation?) So I simply said that they're more than welcome to give her more veggies than carbs in general. I'm not the kind of mom that will be upset if my daughter eats spaghetti and meatballs at daycare. (I can fucking eat spaghetti too) But if there's like... I dunno, meatballs, potatoes and veggies (they have veggies with everything) I'd prefer if they had more veggies than potatoes. Cause if she's anything like her mom, then all carbs aren't good for her.

And I also added that I'd like if they avoided sugar. But if they celebrate other kids birthday with ice cream then naturally she should eat it too if she want's to.

Hmmm, what else. Ah I also told them that she loves sweet potatoes and salmon.
It was a question form I had to fill out with likes and dislikes so the only dislikes I could come up with was broccoli and if the food is too chunky (she only has four teeth, remember?) haha Other than that, she eats pretty much anything. Oh I should add that she LOVES quark. Yeah.

And after that, we went to Nathalie's place and Frost helped her set up her technology junk haha It was a lot to take in lol
But she's now a proud xbox one owner just like meeeeeeeee! :D YAY!

Freya had bunches of fun with her and even doodles with crayons on a old bill haha
She's learning.

And I also did a try out cheesecake (and failed miserably) so...yeah. We stayed up till like 2am and nibbled on that one cause it had to be eaten fast.

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