Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sparkles and gemstones

Yesterday Nathalie was at our house. Playing with Freya and then cod with moi haha We did surprisingly well last night I must say.

But we kinda got carried away with planning for Freya's birthday party (parties lol future ones too)

See I remember when I was little how I loved gems and treasures and sparkly stuff. Unicorns and all that typical junk :)

And so: eBay!!!! Gotta fucking love eBay. 

So when I can, I'll order these fake gemstones and diamonds for her and make a treasure chest! :D it'll be awesome! And I saw pirates gold coins too super cheap (like 5 dollars for the fake gold coins) It'll be a pretty cool treasure if you ask me. 

I would've fucking loved it when I was kid anyway :D 

I've also decided to create a little something. In feeling creative.. So if anyone knows of a big statue horse, let me know. It can't be a real live size though. Duh. But like...big enough for a toddler to sit on. Doesn't matter what it looks like, cause I'll rep ain't it :)

When Nathalie and I start talking, we always come up with awesome creative things :3 So many ideas! Yay!

But the first thing to do is make a treasure for her tha she can use when she's a wee bit older. Don't want her to try and eat a diamond now do we? Nope. 

I miss her! So so much!
I'm actually at work now. Yeah I was supposed to have these days of till Friday but you know me... I have a hard time declining work when they're in need -_- 

So I'm working e evening shift today, and early morning shift tomorrow. My boyfriend ain't too thrilled, he was looking forward to have me home ❤️ 

I love my Snuggletree and babykoala❤️❤️❤️ 

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