Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stayed home from work

First time I get to stay at home with a sickly child. *parent points* lol

No but seriously, very weak and puny baby here. I've been awake the entire night. Literally the entire night. I had to hold her hands so she wouldn't scratch  or rub her down parts. 
When she had her poopscapedes the other day, she turned red downstairs which is normal if you shit and clean it a lot.  (Duh) 

But when we checked he diaper last night she was bleeding and had two little "wounds" or whatever you wanna call it there. It looked really painful..
She cried non stop for soooo many hours. But she fell asleep when I held her hands and spread her legs so she couldn't even attempt to try to itch herself. Guess she gave up ya know? As just passed out. ❤️

I however feel like a biiiiiig bag of crap now. Didn't even get to close my eyes last night.
So I called the night shift and told them I'd be home with her today. The plan was to take her to the nurse, but I may have it under control now. She seems way better. And happier. Good job me! 

 She fell asleep now on me... Poor thing is exhausted I guess. ❤️

I wonder if I get to nap later too?

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