Friday, June 19, 2015


It's midsummer eve and it's also my brothers birthday! He's fucking 40 years old today! Holy crap. I remember when he was in his twenties and he came to my school and everyone was like 'woooooow!! Your brother is so tall and cool!' lololol
Yeah, Happy Birthday bro! ❤️

Anyway... We went to Zinkgruvan with Anna & Daniel earlier today, wroom wroom! Celebrating the day with the family. 
Freya fell asleep before we hit the highway, and me and Anna sat and chatted in the backseat. 

Midsummer ain't like it usual is.  Maybe we should've stayed home? I dunno... Next year we'll do something else. 
Ah Freya is wearing her new dress that she got from grandma ❤️ It's adorable. 

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