Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More snow!

Hah I found fake eyelashes in my usual photo editing app. Amazing. I always did wonder what I'd look like if I got thicker lashes. Well I didn't go all out...I made it subtle. :) haha

But still..... I wonder how many people that edits their photos this way. You'd get a shock if you saw them in real life then lol

Welp, I've done some cleaning and done dishes today. Bought potatoes and ground beef...and cream.
I'm making something superswedish for dinner tomorrow. Yum yum.

Or maybe I should make it today? Hmm.... yeah ok. Today it is.


  1. What did you make?! And I've had this app before well Kim had it for a laugh lol it was funny! You're so lucky to get snow... maybe Irvine will have snow in the hunt for snow... :D


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