Sunday, November 20, 2016


I've been fucking lazy when it comes to blogging....
I've just been doing mommy stuff and playing videogames. Yep.
Talking about games... I've been temporary suspended by Microsoft on Xbox. πŸ˜’
Yeah apparently I've been cussing too much and or been too offensive.
The fuck is wrong with you guys?
If someone calls me a whore.  I will most defintely defend myself. Duh.
So yeah.... I'll shut a person up. I'm very good at that. And I'm good at always winning the convo. Buuut I guess some asshole took it a step further. πŸ˜‘
Any idea how pissed off I am?
I'm fucking furious.

Anyhoooo.... moving on.
I've done stuff all week. Not juuuust mommy stuff and games.
I went for fika with Frost lol we had a sweet little date. Sometimes those are very needed :)

Yep. And Freyster has taken a liking to skylanders on Netflix.
She's also in a period where music has to be played a lot. I don't mind though..  she's got damn good taste in music. 😊 haha

Lots of ccr, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Miller, The Temptations, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kansas, whitesnake and  Van Halen among others. She's got a vide selection of songs in her very own playlist. She's also very fond of OMFG's music. Which is the complete opposite of all her other favs lol
But yeah... that's about it.

I've been watching Teen Wolf all day trying to make time move faster.
But I think it slows it down instead?
But Dylan O'Brian is fucking hilarious. He makes the show. Yep. Haha (I miss Derek though.. ) he's perfect as superman! πŸ˜ƒ

Well I'm gonna continue sitting here and be angry at Microsoft.
How much damage can one chick do anyway? Huh?!
What...some asshole got offended by my words?
Which was It? Dickwaffle? Slipperlicker? Flowerfuck? Nincompoop? Cupcake? I use very odd words. So what the actual fuck?! 
I'm usually very mellow. But this shit just aint right...

Anyway... here's Freyster watching cartoons <3 This makes me smile.
Thank the gods for this little weasel.

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