Thursday, November 17, 2016

Movie week

So we've been watching a fuckton of movies this week.

On Monday I surprised Frost with a date and a movie. (I'm like so freakin' romantic aye?)
We watched Dr. Strange. It was ok... It was a whole lot squeezed into one movie ya know?
But pretty good anyway. Cumberbatch is amazeballs as always.

And yesterday we watched Sausage party.... omfg. haha I loved it! it was sooo anti-PC that it was insane. Fucking hilarious hahaha So rasist too lol but in a fun way :P Salma Hayek playing a taco! A FUCKING TACO! hahahaha

And tonight we watched The BFG with Freyster. Such a sweet and beautiful movie <3
Then again, I do have a soft spot for Roald Dahls stories. *looooove*

Aaaaand now we're watching Deadpool (agaaaan tihihih) Man, Ryan... you are just awesome.
I think people like this movie cause he acts the way we act right?
I talk to myself the same way he does.... maybe that's why people like him?

Or maybe I'm just insane and shouldn't be talking to myself at all huh?

You should've seen Frost face when I told him this............................................ -_-
Like... like he doesn't act that way. Like he doesn't talk to himself? O__o


Freya fell asleep a while ago... and Frost is sitting here half asleep now haha
he's been working hard all week. A lot of overtime- Which is goooooood :3

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