Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Aaaah I'm so happy that it's snowing!
It's finally this season!
Omigooooosh I cant wait till I get to Christmas decorate!!
Anyhoo...we've had a good day. 😊
I've cleaned the house and then me and LeiLei took a stroll to moms place and  had breakfast. Lei lei defintely excited over the snow haha
Aaaand I've been to town with Freyster ♡  we had a good time. We just walked through the snow to town and she got a smoothie to drink while we went window shopping  ☆  And then we went around and looked at stuff at the pet store  :)
She's a sleep now...little angel. 💜
She's been eating good today too ^_^

Frost hurt his wrist at work, so he's a widdle gwumpie... :P  haha he's got work all week though. So I hope it doesn't hurt too bad. We gotta take good care of the new breadwinner ya know? lol hahahaha

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