Saturday, May 14, 2016

Birthday celebrations!

It was Friday the 13th and my lucky day. And we also had our b-day celebrations too!
The cakes...God...the cakes. They were do delicious! 😄 Mmmm.... My sister did a bang up job on those.

I got such awesome gifts too. I got a blender from mom & Lasse. Skin care/shower products by Rituals from Stina & Marcus. And a gift certificate from Sofia (I am so totally going to lay in the infra-sauna box) and i got 6 gorgeous mason jars from Nathalie. Filled with my favorite lollipop hahah the value kind is my favorite flavor. Hahaha I thought it was an awesome gift though. And also a pie form and a rubber ducky lol 😁 And a supersweet card that hit me right in the feelers. Gosh. And I had just managed to paint on my eyeliner haha I also got s haircut from my sister ;3 I look awesome. (well not NOW, I look like the crazy professor right now heh) My brother and wille came too ♥
Frost gave me (on my actually birthday kinda) an xbox elite controller, the Outlander book (thick as fuuuuuuck) and a beautiful white golf necklace. It's a four leaf charm ♥♥♥ i also got the massage chair the week before and DOOM! Pew.
So I'd day I've had one heck of a birthday. ;) 
I'm so thankful for everyone who came, and we're both very grateful to have all of you guys in our life. Thanks a bunch! 💖
Some people couldn't come yesterday so it seems like they'll be showing up the entire weekend 😒 Too bad I work tomorrow huh? LOL

Ain't I pretty with my new hairdo lol

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  1. those caaaaakes thooooo *^* noms.

    also! what did you get from Rituals? jag har typ hittat dem nyligen och dom är ju fan asnice *^* THEIR SHAMPOOOSSSS MAKE MY HAIR SOOOOFT AFFFF.


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