Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Good morning peeps

I'm waiting on the bus, as usual. Story of my life really. LOL
It's superwarm today and I'm in agony because of that. I really do hate the heat, unless I'm two feet away from a pool or a lake, already in a bikini ready to swim. Yep.
Aaaah I'm so miserable. 😩
Oh but here's a good thing. (or possibly a good thing anyway) Yesterday I signed the apartment exchange contract. If the new landlord approve of me and my income then we'll be moving in June!
I'm so excited and terrified at the same time! Iiiiih! The only negative part is that it's far away from everyone. But that'll all get better once Frost gets a driver's license and my bike gets fixed. Can't wait to ride my bike with Freya on it to go see granny for coffee!

For some reason I'm very excited about going places with Freya hahah 😊
Well, wish us luck. It'll be so nice to live there. Our own backyard!! Yay! And sooooo many playgrounds for Freya!!
Oh yeah I should get on the bus now and hurry to work.

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