Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I'm like suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper excited right now! (and possibly even a wee bit high, I had to double the dose of my medicine.... my chest and shoulder is literally killing me...) BUT! I am so excited about my friends wedding.

She's extremely fucking special to me.
And I just found out she's getting married AND HAVING A BABY! Gaaaah.... I'm dying!
Here's the funny part, I started crying when she told me lol

So I'm currently looking at bridesmaid dresses on google.
Look at all the stuff that comes up when you google bridesmaid dresses with lace (I like lace lol)
I'm not sure about what colors that suit me since everyone seems to have a different idea from one another (please feel free to give me tips though) But I'm fairly sure I could pull the minty looking ones off lol

Tehehehe and this is all a secret still. teheheheheheheeeeee~

Well YAY! So many of my friends are having babies this year and the next. And one's even getting married. WOHO!

She's planning her wedding to be just like I'm planning out wedding to be. She's clever. I like it. Great minds think alike.

I gotta sleep a little. Freya's probably gonna be awake all night so if I can get a few minutes, I better take them.

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  1. you could legit rock anyone of these dresses tho.... MAAAH...


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