Tuesday, May 24, 2016


(going all fangirl crazy here) Yaaaaay!

One of the comics I used to own, besides Lobo, The Punisher and X-men, was Preacher.
And boy have I been waiting for the live adaption of it for a long time now. The postponed the release date aaaaaall the fucking time and I almost gave up about it. But then the other day, it had it's premiere! And we all know that AMC are known for making some good shit. Frost reminded me of the great shows of AMC.

So let's hope DC's Preacher becomes a hit kay? :3

Two really good things about the show is Cassidy and Arseface. I LOVE how they made arseface. It's so realistic! (he tried to kill himself if I remember correctly, and failed miserably by blowing  half his face off, by putting the shotgun under his jaw...it missed the brain. KABOOM) And the dude who plays Cassidy... lol Perfect. The heavy drinking irish vampire. haha He's great.

They seem to follow the comics somewhat thorough. Although, the way he gets genesis inside of him is a little more brutal and different in the comic. But oh well.

See, Jesse (the protagonist) gets fused with Genesis. An entity that escaped it's chamber from heaven. In the comics it's neither good nor evil really... kinda hard to tell. I don't know how the series will be though. But anyway, Jesse has The Voice Of God then. (that's genesis power, people will do what he tells them to) and he needs to be fucking careful with his words from now on lol

I hope the show will focus a lot on Jesse's past though. His crazy religious fanatic family and shit. That'd be cool. But I get the feeling it'll simply be about his journey to find God. (Jesse's kinda angry with god cause he disappeared.) Either way, I think it'll be awesome ;D

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  1. I think you're correct about Arseface btw! If I recall correctly he tried to off himself but failed miserably and blew his face off instead (alas, many comics have tried to re-do this). I haven't seen this show but I'm def going to now! IF THEY MANGED TO MAKE A GOOD ARSEFACE I'M TOTALLY IN, BRAH.


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