Saturday, September 10, 2016

Apple picking

It's been quiet here on the blog for a while now. Sorry about that :3

Ah I have so many Russian readers, and american reader, That's nice. Hi~

So, it's been a busy week.

A few days ago we went to visit my cousin Carro on the countryside and her little baby Ella <3
Soooo cute. Gaah... I felt my ovaries go squueeezeeee when they saw her lol Such a cute baby.
And their house is amazing too. It's a pity she doesn't like apples when they have so many apple trees lol

And here's the thing, and this is taboo to talk about. But as a parent I know this all too well...
There are some ugly babies out there. Naturally a parent will think they're adorable tho<3
But like I said, some babies just ain't pretty. they've gotta grow into it. And it can take some time.
But Ella, wow...she was CUTE. Like supercute <3 Those little eyes and puffy cheeks! I can't wait to see what she'll look like when she's around 2 years old or something :)

 I remember Sofi said the same about Freya when she was a baby. 
Naturally I think she's the most beautiful little thing on the planet. Duh. But I've had people stop me with the stroller and tell me how adorable my child is, and that made me realize that she's not just cute in MY eyes, but others too. Snugglerump. 
So I hope Carro sees that Ella is beyond pretty :) 

But yeah... Ella was very sweet <3 Ca't wait to meet her again.

Anyhooo... the point of the visit wasn't JUST babysnuggles. We also picked apples!
And boy, did Freya have a blast... she had so much fun, just running around playing and eating apples. It was nice to see her so happy and excited. She was also very intrigued by little Ella. haha it was cute to watch. (ya'll should see Ella's hair. It's thicker than mine... :P  *envious* lol)

Made me think of siblings for the Freyster tbh.
We'll probably try to give Freya a sibling next year :)
Things are going so well for us right now. And if things continue on this way then yeah... a baby would fit right in! :D

I made a short video of all the apple picking and running around haha

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