Saturday, September 3, 2016

Still sick it seems

I thought I'd be better by bjw, but it seems that I'm not. Boo. And I have to work tomorrow...
But you know what? I have the best man in the universe by my side. Seriously. No one can compare to him.
Everything about him is amazing and wonderful. The way he talks, the way he views things, the way he warms my heart, his eyes, his lips, his laughter, his mind, the way he makes me feel, his earlobes, his nose, his booty, his smile...his ****, every little bit of him is just fucking wonderful. And I love him so incredibly much.

He's worked hard today, and yesterday too. 15 hours straight with no breaks yesterday, and 9 hours straight today. Came home completely exhausted but still tried his best to be with me and Freya. <3

And now it's 2am...reeeeeally late. And he's up in the kitchen making tea for me since I'm in pain. Even though he's very tired. It takes about 30 minutes to make this tea... at the very least. And he has I get up real early with Freyster tomorrow morning. Yet he still went up and started brewing it.

So yeah... He's amazeballz.

My mom always says that one should never take anyone or anything for granted. And she's right. I always think about how lucky I am.
I don't take him for granted. I always think about him :) And writing this is my way if showing my affection for him.

I KNOW just how special and sweet he is. He's perfect in my eyes. With his wonderful sides and his bad sides too.. yep. I love every bit of that man. I could never take this sweetheart for granted. Id be a fool if I did. Haha

I'm extremely lucky to actually have experienced this kind of love. I know it's rare, and I know it's passionate and unique. I'm so lucky to have met him. He changed my life :)

And we've the Freyster too. <3 and she's amazing!


  1. waaahhh. so cute~
    I'm so happy that you found your soulmate (twin-flame!) and that the two of you make one of the most beautiful couples out there. Yosh! I wish you both alll the luck in the future and that his job becomes easier! <3


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