Friday, September 30, 2016

butter shortbread & cranberries

My little Freyster is an odd one haha ♡♡♡

She's just too adorable sometimes lol I found her earlier just sitting on a chair in the corner, sucking her thumb. Eyes big, blue and pondering.
I wonder what she was thinking so hard about. She looks very cute when she's in deep thoughts like that.

We've had a good day so far.
My knees are shitty AF today but oh well. Ain't much to complain about though.  :)
In case I didn't mention it...I'm on a 100% sickleave now till October 16th. That's nice. Maybe I can rest and feel better during that time. After that I'm going on a 50% sickleave. Meaning I'll be working 50%. I'm hoping that'll do the trick. I think it'll feel real good :)

I'll still always get my 80% of the pay. One of the benefits of living in Sweden.
It definitely is a secure and safe thing to know that when Freya is sick I'll still get paid for being at home with her. Or Frost duh. Same with now that I'm sick.

It's been a year since I had a longer sickleave. I'm not too fond of it....but it does help me he better.

I've been nibbling on butter shortbread and Freya's been enjoying her dried banana chips and cranberries.
I had to buy the shortbread the other day. It's the same as the ones in airplanes. Mmmm....Scottish butter shortbread . So good.

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  1. I'll need to send you guys a box full of it. We actually have a lot here lol also will send you guys tablet. It's better then shortbread and also Scottish ... it's pure sugar and comes in squares!


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