Monday, October 3, 2016

Toothache and no cloves

My killing me. I'm supposed to pull my wisdom tooth out, but due to certain things (like me not responding to sedatives and shit) it wont yaoleb till December. They'll give me laughing gas then. Cool. I'll have a blast pulling that fucker out I guess...if i can survive till then that is.
My gums so swollen and so is the entire left osrt of my mouth. Gaaah.... It hurts so bad. Toothache is that kind if annoying oain ya know? It's annoying AF and painful AF too. Blah.
Anyhoooo.... Frost and I will have a good time this weekend 😄 yay! It's date time! Woop woop. I can't wait ❤
Well this weekend came and went as quickly as a...uh....Ah.... Well. No need to do lame teen boy jokes I suppose. Ehehehh. My humor ain't always appreciated lol
I dint see why not though... 🤔
Welp, what else. Oh I've been playing Destiny a lot with Ida. And today i played one of the new strikes in Rise Of Iron. (I dont think I need to explain in detail how exciting that was) But somehow it excited me even more to play on hard and heroic 😃 yay! 

So...I just got home from the orthopaedic-technical clinic. Mom drove me (thank yoooou~♡♡♡)
I'm going to sit down now...chill, have some coffee and kiss my daughter like crazy. Ahd then I'll attack my man.
He cleaned the entire apartment while I was gone ♡♡♡ 


  1. It was nice to run into you twice :)

  2. What a beautiful daughter you have! She looks bright, alert and ready to take on the world. It's nice to see a baby eating healthy food like oatmeal instead of sugary junk. If she keeps eating like this and gets her teeth checked routinely, she may even manage to avoid a root canal of her own one day.

    1. Thank you Sharon :) She's a wild little weasel haha And I've always felt that oatmeal is better to eat (I even make my man eat it) and I so hope she manages to avoid tooth problems in the future. We avoid sugar as much as possible for her so hopefully she'll continue being a healthy and alert kid :)

      Have a nice day!


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