Friday, October 21, 2016

Thurr thurr thursdaaaaay

Ya know....just when I think shit's real bad. That my EDS is fucking me over and now dental issues... tooth aches are never fun.

So there I am, thinking shit's sunk low in my life... EDS worries etc.
And my boss calls me and offers me a position in the company. In the office :D
He said that considering my EDS it'd be good for me. I can still work at A's place.
And I'll be working at the office as a informer. And once I've gather a few clients it'll be MY clients, which I'll need to handle. And then I'll be promoted as an assistant coordinator. Woho!

I was really surprised by this. He said the he's really interested in me and that he thinks I have a lot of hidden talents. It's a pity that I don't have that many useful talents. But talking sure is one of those talents :D

And my voice is apparently very pleasing over the phone, so he want's me to handle a lot of clients over the phone.

I wonder if I'll fuck this up... or if I'll flourish in it. Time will tell.

I was kinda shocked when he asked me to do this so I'm still wondering how the fuck you're supposed to do this O___o

It's kinda cool that it's a custom made role in the company for me hahah

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    Ahahah! Out bosses love us. It feels so great, doesn't it? :3 WE DESERVE GOOD BOSSES.


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