Saturday, October 8, 2016

Jamie :)

I got a text yesterday :)

Jamie loved the babygym I bought him! YAY!

I'm glad haha Though I picked that one specifically cause I knew his mother loves owls ;)

Man,why are these things so fucking expensive t? Especially these with owls on it. WHY?
I mean...seriously. It's just a piece of fabric and fluff pretty much. And some other stuff lol
But still....900kr for a babygym is insane. 
I looked at Mumin one we borrowed from Stina when Freyster was a baby and that was like 700 kr or something too. Jeez.... O__O

I am sooo sorry it's ruined with all the fur and shit and babypuke lol

Anyway.... it's a wonderful day. Me and Frost are about to play with a friend of mine online. We're gonna do a raid. Now, raids are impossible to do when you have a child. But since weäre babyfree this weekends I wanted to do it. :D It'll be hard but fun!

Right now, Freya is making apple pie with my mom <3
They went out for fike in Askersun earlier too. Such a cutie <3

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