Sunday, October 23, 2016

Autumns feelings

I love that it's getting colder each day! :)

The colors outside are so pretty, it's been raining a lot lately though,
But it's nice.

Freya's been listening to some gaming music.Turns out she loves it haha

She loves the second song, "I love you". haha So cute.
I'm totally making gaming videos with these songs.

Talking about games,I gave out 8 free beta codes to Infinity Warfare on Instagram the other day. :D

Don't think I've ever been that praised in my life lol
Naturally I have a code for me and one for frost too. Duh.
I've been playing it all weekend. But you know....I'm not sure about it yet.
It's so so atm. But it's a Beta so hopefully it'll be way more awesome next week when they release it.

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