Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pancake palace

Haha "Pancake palace"......that's what my old place used to be called then people signed in on a location when they were at my house.
Cause I always made pancakes on Sundays 😀 I remember that Emma used to show up at the door around 3 in the morning on a Saturday night completely shitfaced...just so she could wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and American pancakes lmao Same when Joel used to live with us and Peder would show up out of the blue too. It was pretty  fun to live with 4 men. But after a while they just get annoying and stinky.....

But I have some funny memories from that time. Me and Frost would seriously Skype from morning morning lol and then Daniel would always bang on my door around 10:30 and force me to get up,  (even though I went to bed at 5:30...) have coffee and be a human and all that shit.

And then I'd get out and see all their happy smiling faces and they'd  be all like "There's fresh coffee in the pot for ya". And I knew I had to make pancakes. And then they'd start asking about Frost again. Same thing every day.
And me and Frost seriously wrote each other every minute of the day. And every chance we had, we'd Skype ♡♡♡
He's always been very good at giving me all the attention I need. Still is ♡

Oh well... it's Sunday today so obviously we made pancakes 😄 (no drunkards or smelly bastards here this time though lol)
Freya ate them as they were, but I like mine swimming in pure maple syrup :) ♡♡

Tomorrow Stajna is coming over to hang out, and I'm making a peach cobbler ♡ Yay~  A good one too. Yep.

And I'm going to Sofi on Tuesday. I've missed her  ♡  I still haven't seen her new house, so that'll be pretty nice I guess: )

Well we've had a nice weekend. I just wished I didn't have such pain and cramps that ruined my sleep. I didn't get to sleep at all pretty much.... blah.
So in a way, this weekend could've been a liiiìittle better. But it's always nice if I'm with Frost. Nothing can change that. <3
Well what else can I say.... hmmm.... meh. I played a little Destiny with a friend. He helped us level up a little and shit 
I also found a way to help Ida level up in light too which is good. Yep.
Oh and I tried that strike on hard yesterday....whoooa. Somehow I did better than I expected. LOL Good job me.
Oh and it looks like I might be on a longer sickleave. We'll see.... But my brain keeps doing the opposite of what I'm trying to do. Like if I want hot water, I'll desperately turn it to cold even though I WANT hot water. And I see the red dot which indicates hot water. (Duh) yet I still do the opposite and go for the blue. Even though I'm trying to make it right.
It's very confusing. 
And so fucking annoying.
Oh Well, I gotta get back to Frost and watch Ash vs the Evil Dead season 2 now. 😀 
I looooooove Ash vs The Evil Dead.

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