Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Look at this doodle lol She's doing so well paddling around outside haha

Yeah,  she goes for a ride around the neighborhood every day now ❤

In  a little over a month she'll turn 3. Can you believe it?? Threeeeee :0

Fucking hell. 

Where does the time go?! 

It's insane...  
Well, She's definitely a hand full, and she's definitely wild, but she's most definitely the best and sweetest kid in the world. ❤❤❤
And I love her more than words can say. More than the fish in the sea. ❤

OH! My pain is getting better, so that's nice. Really nice actually. I can actually go out and do stuff. Yay me~ I needed this. We needed this tbh. Though Frost & Freya definitely kept me entertained and shit haha But I prefer it when we all do stuff together ❤ 
But it's nice to be on a 5 on the pain scale for once. 

You know, sex helps a lot with the pain actually. Frost believes that the more orgasms I get, the better I'll feel.😂 Hahah well he's not entirely wrong there lol but it does distract me from pain haha 
He's funny 😄

If only sex could take away EDS pain. I'd never be in pain again. Hah. 

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