Saturday, July 22, 2017

Outlander season 3

Yay! Season 3 is near. :D

Well the books were awesome so I'm just expecting the new season to follow that lead pretty much.

Freya's been in Zinkgruvan since tuesday.
It's been....quiet here. Very quiet. I miss the shit out of her too.........

It's been nice to sleep in the mornings though. A rare treat. haha LeiLei's been loving it though. She's just been resting and relaxing. Not having to worry about a kid running you over with her bike lol

But boy do we miss Freyster. Her snuggles and hugs and kisses too.
She's coming home tomorrow. :D   Yay!

I've got some plans and stuff to do. But I don't think anything can compare to all the fun she's been having this week. She's been swimming in the lakes, playing outside everyday all day long. Sleeping outside, going on the little chuuchuu train and seeing new places.

Yeah I bet this week was amazeballs.
It'll be hard to live up to that shit. haha

Gotta bake and prepare stuff too for Freya's birthday. But it's not that urgent. There's still time.

I was thinking an angel food cake, and possibly some cute cookies :) And banoffee pies... Maybe.

Or maybe just some cute pavlovas? :)

Frost and I haven't done anything today really... more spooning tonight I suppose lmao
We've had a pretty boring day.  But I guess that's alright, we've had a good week.
Played Destiny 2 beta on ps4 when that came out. Pretty neat to play before the other got to. It was a little disappointing thought, but I bet the game will be awesome in general.
We've also watched every episode of Game Of Thrones. Yay!

We took a late walk earlier though, and talked about old memories :)

We had originally planned to go to Alabama in july this year, but I changed my mind earlier in the year.  We'll try to go next year in the fall or early spring the year after. Cause I simply can't handle the heat in Alabama haha it's sad but true. Last time I was there it was around 100 degrees. It was insanely hot. Good grief. I thought I'd die haha So we'll go when the timing is right (and the weather's not too hot)

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