Monday, July 3, 2017

Movie marathons

So this weekends it's been Marvel's avengers and x-men (I love the x-men, I grew up with that shit and I lurrrrved it) Well X-Men, Conan The Barbarian comics, oh and the Phantom :3 Yeah I read that shit and I was addicted lol So when X-men the tv-series hit Sweden I was the first one to go cray cray for that shit. ahaha :)

(Talking about that... Mullins keeps calling cray cray btw.. shit, he don't know what he's on about. His wife is the cray cray one lol)

Anyhoo... We're gonna watch Footloose and Flashdance soon.
The Italian Stallion directed Footloose...thus, I have to watch it again... cause I mean, was in the same time Rocky and shit was huge.
I just thought it was interesting that he directed such a hit. :)

Today we're watching Captain American The First Avenger. (Yeah Frost loves Captain America) I like him too, but he's such a goody two shoes... -_- Bucky is  pretty awesome Captain America that'll be cool AF when he becomes that. Unfortunately I'm certain that Steven Rogers The original Captain America will die in "Infinite war".

You know, about goody two shoes... that's a funny story, the origin of that name I mean. (I like to find out the origins on old sayings. So I had to find out that origin too obviously.
Goody Two Shoes was a children's story back in the late 17th century, it was published 1781 I think. (I'm pretty certain of that anyway) and it was about a girl called Margery Meanwell (lol just that name itself makes a point lmao) who was supervirtuous and always did right and shit, and she walked through life with only one shoe. Until a man gives her a complete set of shoes and she goes around telling everyone that she has two shoes.

well we should continue watching I guess :)

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