Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy birthday little sis

It's a big day today! This doodle turns 27 ❤

27 years ago, on this day... I got a present. Yep.  I got my Josefin. And she was mine. And I became a big sister. 
It was an awesome present, a babysister... That would be mine forever. 

Sure, I'm not the best big sister in the world.. And sure, I take her for granted sometimes. Cause she's my only sister. And sure I probably make her frustrated too... Cause she can be frustrating as well. And suuure we're both a little weird.  
But damn it. We're sisters.
And I hope she realizes how much I love her. ❤

I'll try hard in the future not to take her for granted. 

Today is your day Josse. ❤❤❤
Happy birthday. You were the best gift ever. 

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