Monday, July 3, 2017

The one

You know, I've been having a fucking rough week.
My pain has skyrocketed... and I've been feeling that I'm getting close to my breaking point.
It's been so hard, and I scream out loud from pain. It's really embarrassing too, cause I don't like showing the pain... but this time I can't even hide it. -_- It sucks.

This morning, Frost tried to help me out of bed...and he looked at me with such a sweet and gentle look... his eyes expressed such care and sadness. So I started crying, cause he was trying so hard to help me, and I could tell he was sad to see me in such pain.

I can't express my love for him enough for you to understand. Neither can I express how grateful I am... how thankful and happy I am. 

He is the best man on earth. He cares so much, and he loves me so much... and it's a fucking amazing feeling to be loved like this. He knows everything about me. Cause I want him to. I wanted him to be the one who knows everything about. The only one. So I even showed him my bad sides... and I've seen his bad sides too... and he's still so fucking fantastic.

Truth be told...I can't wait to marry my best friend 
I can't wait to be a Hastings.

We're going to have a small wedding too, not big. Just the important people around us. And it'll be the best day ever ❤ I can't wait. 

Shania Twain made songs that really relates to us. ❤ Frost said The One is our song a long time ago... and he was right.  I love that song, The One is ours :) We'll play it on our wedding day.

I still have certain things I want for that day so we need to save up money for that shit.

Even this song suits us ❤ I always liked that lady. :) She's cool.

So baby, I hope you know how much I love you. Your'e my one and only. 
And I'll stick with you forever  
) think that your'e awesome, even though I've seen your bad sides too.
I adore you baby. I fucking adore the shit out of you.

I love being with you, and I love the things we do together.

And the sex is fucking fantastic lmao 
So that's a good things too lol

Your'e a good doodle.


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  2. awwweeee.
    I can't express how happy I feel whenever I read about how well Frosts treats you and how much you love him <3 It warms my dark little hart right up!


  3. Aaaaaaw Good God! I LOVE YOU MORE! Pew! <3 Jag säger det sällan, cause it ain't my style, och för orden betyder mycket. Men när jag väl säger det så menar jag det, och lite till :D <3


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