Monday, May 18, 2015

Afternoon nap and chicken

We just woke up from a looooooooooong and snuggly nap. Very cosy I tell you :)
I think we both needed it badly. Our energies just get supercharged when we're alone like that.
And now I feel all charged up and awesome.

All of a sudden she smiled in her sleep haha And she looked superadorable :3
I wonder what she dreamed about? My milk? lmao

Ooooh, I started this morning (noon rather..) with Outlander and coffee and smoothie.
Aaaah. Just aaaah. Now that is an awesome show.
And a very awesome smoothie. And an even awesomer coffee cup :D

I also talked to mom and then I talked to Frost. So I do feel much better.
Shed a few tears, opened up and all that gayness.
Superlame really. But I feel better though.
So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Went through some stuff on the xbox earlier.
Just yesterday when Nathalie and I were playing, the invites just came popping in. She got invites too lol It's kinda a bother sometimes cause it pops up on the screen while you play. But oh well. But this one dude keeps sending me part invites like crazy. He really won't stop haha

Welp, I guess I should cook some chicken now.

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  1. You can block and/or report him! That what I do~


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