Sunday, May 17, 2015

The insults...

Ok, here's a rant for ya.
(and read this on your own risk, some might actually be offended by what I'll be writing... Though, if you are...chances are your'e just the kind of person I don't wanna be)

So I got a message this morning from someone who was in the same team as me in Search & Rescue.
He called me a GamerGirl. And asked if I also was a nerd.
(First of all... what's with those questions?) 
Basically, then entire message insulted me.

No I'm not a god damn fucking nerd you twat. Who calls themselves that?! A nerd wannabe does.
So What, I'm a nerd cause I like comics and videogames? Nah, I think I'm pretty fucking normal. I mean, yeah...I get that I'm weird on a lot of other levels haha But no, I ain't no nerd. The only one who can call me that is Frost.

And now for the biggest fucking insult eveeeeeer.

He called me a GamerGirl. <----------- A GAMERGIRL.

The ONLY ones calling themselves GamerGirls, are in fact: Not a gamer. Just a girl. A simple girl seeking attention, probably trying to play videogames so that a guy will say 'oh cool...a hot chick who likes games?' Fact. You can't even argue with me on that. I'm right and you know it. Why else would you call yourself that? It's so boys will know your'e a girl. Truth. Usually it's kids using these words and labels. But ther are occasions when a fully grown woman or man will use it to. LoL I know right?

I'm actually really insulted. 

Why'd you have to add "girl" to it? I play videogames. With my hands, not my vagina.

Online, I'm not a chick. I'm the awesomest koala. And I'll shoot you.

So yeah, I don't appreciate being called either a nerd nor a gamergirl.

It really is true though, go to instagram and check hashtags for Gamergirl.
See what you get? Girls who wants guys attention.
Some don't even HAVE VIDEOGAMES ON THE PHOTO. (what's with the hashtag then?!) It's just their face trying to look hot.

And your'e labeling me up with the likes of them?
I'm insulted.

I'm not a girl online. I ain't no feminist, but I don't want to be labeled.
I'm just a person playing video games. Simple as that.

And I know, it's not the guys fault...he's just doing what he think girls likes.
Cause it's girls labeling themselves as it. Cause they want to be known for being females, I else would a guy know it's a girl? How else could he hit on them?

I'm a fucking legend. Not a gamergirl. lol


  1. So much truth!
    I know more girls that enjoy playing games than ones who don't.
    It's really not a big fucking deal, haha :P
    But yeah, it's important to tell everyone that you're a girl, obviously.
    How else would those teenage boys know who to fantasize about when they jerk off in their socks while their mom's away grocery shopping? hahaha

    "Gamergirl" is one of the most lame labels out there.

  2. who cares about your gender when you're playing games?
    we're all a bunch of people playing games when we're online anyways. Bleh.
    We're all gamers. Not gamer boys, nor gamer girls. Just gamers~


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